Grow Wealth Biblically

grow-wealth-biblicallyHow to grow wealth biblically from Proverbs

I get asked if God wants us to grow our money.  My answer is always “yes.” If God placed you in a business, He has done so with a purpose.  Your purpose is to help others and add value to the world.

The caveat is that God wants us to grow in a way that we are able to handle the money that He gives us.  In other words, we must grow in our knowledge of money in order to make our money grow and be able to properly manage it.

You have probably heard of the stories about people who win the lottery or get big sums of money only to lose it all and be right back to square one?  Many have none of that money left and are actually in a worse place after having lots of money. Most of them return to where they were financially within a year or two.

In high school, I had a teacher who I found out had won the lottery a few years earlier.  You would think he would quit and live off the money, but he did not manage it right.  Sure, he drove a Jaguar, but he was forced to work each and every day of his life just to maintain a basic standard of living.  He even started a side business to try to gain money again.  Last time I checked, he was still a teacher.

(Note: Teaching is an honorable profession.  Personally, I think good teachers should be paid more.  This teacher did not teach because he loved students.  He taught because he had to after losing his fast gained wealth.)

Here’s our proverb for today:

Proverbs 13:11 Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.

We talked yesterday about how we lose our money, it dwindles away especially quick if it is earned dishonestly.  We are always having to watch our backs and cover our trails when we act deceptively.  However, that is not what God wants for us.

As believers, God wants us to be blessed.  Blessing does not just mean money.  It means family, friends, community and an ever growing relationship with Him.  We get involved in church and we give as needed.  Living a life of blessing is about being able to help when we want and letting God get all the glory.

Proverbs 28:8 Whoever increases wealth by taking interest or profit from the poor  amasses it for another, who will be kind to the poor.

God does not want us to give all of our money away.  He wants us to be kind to the poor and not take advantage, but our money is meant to do good. We are meant to care for our family.  As business owners, we are meant to pay fair (above average) wages.  We are meant to care for our community and get involved.

Proverbs 13:11 talks about gathering money little by little.  We will never get wealthy by how much money we spend.  We won’t get wealthy by gambling, begging or stealing.  We get wealthy by how much money we earn, keep and use properly.

Wealth is an ever growing balance of earning diligently, spending wisely, and giving cheerfully.

Look at your budget.  Break down how much you spend on entertainment (movies, cable, etc.), going out to eat versus eating at home, giving to church, saving, etc.  Where does your checkbook say your priorities are?

Let me just say, if you spend more money on entertaining than you do for God, something is not working in your budget. Checkbooks are the truest test of where you place your priorities. Doing a quick evaluation of your budget will show where your priorities lie.

If you want to be wealthy learn to manage money.  Increase your financial education and learn to use money properly.  Grow it little by little by adding value to the world. Then, when you begin earning, learn to give and help others.  This helps us keep money in perspective and think more eternally about our wealth.


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How to lose wealth biblically

lose-wealth-biblicallyHow to lose your wealth biblically from Proverbs

We are often afraid of losing our money.  We are afraid of taking risks and sometimes that keeps us from making good decisions.

It’s all about perspective.  If we know God is in charge of things, why don’t we listen to Him when it comes to our money?

Let’s look at the biblical way you can lose your money.

Proverbs 28:8 Whoever increases wealth by taking interest or profit from the poor  amasses it for another, who will be kind to the poor.

There is nothing wrong with earning an interest from our money, the issue is taking advantage of the poor.  God cares for His people and He will help those who are helping His people.  He wants us to earn money in a way that helps others.  If we are charging crazy interest rates, then we are taking advantage.

Imagine if there was a credit card company or a bank that was run on Christian values?  They would charge a fair interest and it would be spread among other Christians leaders who are able and willing to take a little bit of mitigated risk to help other Christians with their financing.

Here are a couple of other Proverbs that warn us about how we can lose our money:

Proverbs 1:19 Such are the paths of all who go after ill-gotten gain;    it takes away the life of those who get it.

Proverbs 11:18 A wicked person earns deceptive wages,  but the one who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward.

Proverbs 21:6 A fortune made by a lying tongue   is a fleeting vapor and a deadly snare

The quickest way to lose your money is to live outside of biblical integrity.  When we step outside of God’s will for our lives, we step into a world that is looking to devour us.  God wants us to live above reproach.

We must not be lie, cheat or swindle.  We must not steal, kill or destroy for money.  We must live our life and run our business on our values.  We must do the right thing no matter how much it hurts.

In the long run, living by our values will always bring us closer to God and His blessings.  If you want to grow your money, do it the honest, hard-working, smart way.  Follow God and His principles and He will never lead you astray.

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building-wealth-biblicallyBuilding Wealth Biblically from Proverbs

Proverbs has a lot to say about life and often it talks about money. Do you ever wish you could grow money the way the Bible says?

Let’s look at a common proverb from the Bible about making money.

Proverbs 10:4-5 Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. He who gathers crops in summer is a prudent son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son.

Let’s start simply.  If you are lazy, you will not be able to grow wealth.  There are no get rich quick schemes that last.  Our integrity and values always catch up to us.

Diligent” is a great word to use in this passage.  In the original language it means: “to cut, sharpen or decide.” Wealth does not just happen.  It takes a determined decision.  You must cut off those things that are holding you back and strive for the things that brings God’s blessings.

Proverbs 10:22 The blessings of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it.

God does not want us to toil painfully.  We should not be afraid of hard work, but we must work with our minds as much as our bodies.  It takes intelligent planning.  We must ‘gather crops’ when it is time.  We must know our seasons.  We must work in the knowledge that we have and the experience that we gain.

It all comes down to trusting God with our decisions and always moving forward as God gives us more wisdom. Always work with integrity and diligence.  Plan out how you will grow.  And remember, growing wealth is as simple as adding value to the world and getting paid for the value you add.

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Listen as a Christian Business Coach shares biblical insights for your business.  He starts in Psalm 91: 13 so have your Bibles ready so you can hear directly from God’s word.

It is not enough to believe in God and be in business.  We must be in God’s business.


It is not enough to believe in God and be in business.  We must be in God’s business.

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Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Listen as you read along

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Psalm 127 is one of the shorter Psalms.  It is written by Solomon who God blessed with wisdom.  It is a song of assents.  Song of assents were sung by Hebrews as they traveled to the Temple in Jerusalem most likely to attend high holy days.

The importance of these songs is they were often easy to learn and repeated over and over so that your hearts could line up with God as you traveled your way to worship Him at Temple.

Psalm 127 starts by reminding us that ultimately it is God that builds our house.  God blessed the people of the house and that includes our business.  Many businesses were run out of the house during this time.

Next he reminds us that God must be the one watching over all we do.  We must turn over our lives and all we do to Him. He reminds us that it is vain to rise early and stay up late unless God is part of all that we do.

If you read many articles or books about Millionaires, you will see that they often get up early to get work started.  There is nothing wrong with that, but that only works when we are at peace with our foundational values in life.

Finally, he reminds us that family is important.  God wants to bless our families and He will when we start building our house on His principles, values and righteousness.

God uses this song of assents to remind us of the priorities in our life.  First we must build our house on God’s foundation.  We must then trust God to watch over and protect us as we work guided by His wisdom.

Next we must rely on God for everything we have and know without a shadow of a doubt that God is on our side. If we do these things, God will bless our family and anyone who speaks against us will be put to shame.

I want us to look at Psalm 127 as a daily reminder that God is in charge of all we do.  He builds your house. He builds your business.  He watches over you.  He gives you rest.  He is sovereign and in control of everything.

As entrepreneurs, we feel like we should be in charge of everything ourselves.  We feel like if we just let go of one spinning plate everything will topple over.  I want to remind you that God is in charge.  Let Him be in charge and trust in Him to guide you.

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Psalm 127:1

Christians grow business3 Reasons Christians should grow a business

I think Christians miss out on many blessings because they are not willing to step out and take chances.  Whether it is witnessing to a friend, or growing a business, Christians should be bold about their faith in a God who gave them wisdom, courage and strength.

Today, let’s talk about three reasons Christians should grow their business.  I am sure there are those that say, “We’ll just wait for God to grow our business.”  I want to make sure you understand that waiting on God is a good thing.  Waiting without taking action is not wise.  God does not steer a parked car.


Growing a business means helping more people.

First and foremost, your business is helping people.  You want to help people with your product or service.  Beyond that you are helping your employees, your community and your family by providing for them.  When you grow your business wisely, you are helping an ever increasing number of people.


Growing a business means you are becoming more influential.

As your business grows, you become more influential and more people will listen to you.  They will see you as a success and you will have a larger platform to tell them of the blessings that you have received from God.  Don’t discount success as a means to introduce people to Christ.


Growing a business is the most spiritual thing you can do as a business owner.

This may sound counterintuitive, but I want to put this in perspective.  Growing your business gives you a larger platform from which to share about God.  People listen to people who are successful and it allows you to impact their lives.

When you succeed, people look at your habits and want to copy what you do.  The reason growing your business is such a spiritual endeavor is because you are reading your Bible, actively getting involved in church, leading others, serving, and giving.  People will see that you are living a life of integrity because ultimately God is your CEO.



I am not going to pretend growing a business in and of itself is spiritual.  What makes is spiritual is the enlivened power of God working in and through your business.

Remember the prayer of Jabez?  “Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.” I Chronicles 9:10

God did not bless Jabez just because he asked.  God blessed him because He knew Jabez would be an influential person who would speak for the King of Kings.  The Bible says his influence came from his honor and that honor was directly rooted in the power of God.

Christian, I want to encourage you to grow your business.  If you need some help, get involved with our growth membership and get on the right path or at least find a mentor or accountability partner that can help you grow. We grow best when we grow together strengthening and encouraging one another.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

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questions for business growth3 Questions to ask to see if your business is ready to grow

When we talk about business growth I don’t want to focus on profits.  We want to focus on helping people.  When our goal is to help others with our business, we are prepped to take on whatever blessings God chooses to give us.

There are many places in the Bible that mention the fact that God will give us what we can handle and He will equip us to handle the next step when we are faithful.  Look at the latter part of Luke 12:48 “From everyone who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

With that verse in mind, ask yourself these three questions to see if your business is ready to grow.


Question 1: Stability

If there was a tornado or other natural disaster that caused your business to not work for 2-3 months, would you be able to still pay employees and cover your expenses?


Question 2: Responsibility

If you got 2 new employees, do you have enough work for them to do, training to get them started and processes for them to follow? (If you have a large workforce, change the number to 20 or 200 according to the size of your business.  Think in number of a 20% workforce increase.)


Question 3: Sustainability

If you got 10 new customers a month, could your current system handle the additional workload without bogging down? (If you are a bigger company change the number accordingly to 100. Think about a 20% increase.)


If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, you are well on your way to growth.  Now all you need to do is beef us getting your message out.  We will talk about that in our next article.


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steps to grow your business3 Things you need to understand to grow your business

Growing a business takes a lot of work.  We all hope for the day our business becomes viral and people flock to us like moths to a flame, but in reality, growing a business takes a bit of time.  It takes a foundational understanding of what we do, who we do it for and how to tell them about it.


Understand what you sell in business

I know a lot of business owners think they know what they sell.  I am always surprised to see that they really don’t know what they are selling.

Let’s say you sell new cars.  There are thousands of different cars to choose from, so how do you stand out?  You stand out by understanding what you are selling.  If you have a minivan, you may be selling safety and security.  If you have a sports car, you may be selling power and prestige.

Here’s a quick exercise.  Take your product or service and define how your customer’s life is different after they use your product.  Then, ask “Why?”  Do that five levels deep.  Once you do that, you will truly understand what you are really selling.

For example, let’s say you sell minivans.  Your customers have a car that fits all of their family together.  Why?  Because having enough room is important.  Why? So the kids don’t fight.  Why? So they have a more peaceful ride. Why? So the parents can concentrate on the road.  Why? Because family is important and we want them to be safe.

If you follow those five levels you will see that family is important to people who buy minivans.  You are selling the idea of family, unity, peace and security.  You are not just selling a minivan.


Understand who you do business for

Once we have nailed down exactly what it is that we are selling, we must understand who needs it most.  Our customers are the people who are going to purchase and if you get this one wrong, we will always have a struggling business.

First thing we must get right is how they think and talk.  Each group of customers speaks a different language.  They may all speak English, but what they say is different.

A twenty something new mother is going to use different vernacular than a forty something female executive.  They are the same general persona, but they have widely different circles of influence, habits and values.  What is important to one may not be as important to both of them.

It is important that we really nail down our ‘best type’ of customer.  If we try to get everyone into our business, we will find ourselves doing a lot of work and getting minimal results.

Think about fishing.  Depending on what type of fish you want, you need the right type waters (lake, river, ect.), the right bait, the right hooks, the right equipment to get where they are, and the right timing.

The more we understand our ideal customer, the better we can talk to them and help them with the business that we have.

Here’s a quick exercise.  Write down 10 things your ideal customer values.  Write down 10 habits they may have.  Where do they shop?  What do they drive?  Where do they spend leisure time? Etc.  Once you nail down those 20 items.  Write a ‘day in the life of’ you ideal customer.  What does their life look like before they use your business and what will it look like after they use your business?


Understand how to tell customers about your business

Everyone likes to buy but no one likes to be sold.  People love getting a good deal and finding things that help them with problems they have in everyday life.  They love businesses that can speak their language and if they can relate to your business, they will be a loyal customer for life.

I can’t express this hard enough.  If we want our customers to buy from us, they must like us.  They must feel like we understand them and are there to help them.  No longer are we in the days of yelling the loudest to get the most attention, we are in the days of whispering in the ears of good friends and engaging them on a personal level.

You have a message about how you can help your customers.  They want to know how you can help them.  Put together the two ideas from above.  Do they fit?  If not, fix the one that makes the most sense.  Remember, people love to buy things that help their lives and solve pain points they feel, but they only listen to you if they feel like you are talking directly to them.


Putting it all together

Here is a real life example. I was talking to an insurance sales man.  Their motto of their company was “for all your insurance needs from A to Z” (slightly altered to protect the company).  I asked what they did different that all the other companies that say they have all kinds of insurance.

He said, “Well, we are Christian and we pray for our people.  We have all the insurance they need and can probably get them a better rate than they are currently getting.”

I asked, “Many insurance agents offer all types of insurance and a lot of them say they can save you money. What are you doing differently?  Are your customers Christian?”

He said, “Why, yes, most of them are. I don’t guess I ever realized that.”

I suggested, “Then why don’t you emphasize your Christianity?  I would put our some ads, geared at Christians that said, ‘When was the last time your insurance agent prayed for you?’ When people know you are praying for them, they realize that you really care for them and that is different than other insurance agents.”

He said he had never thought of that and would have to do some work to see if he could get more people.

See, he wasn’t just selling insurance, there are thousands of people doing that.  He was selling a company that prayed for you.  In essence, he was selling insurance agents who care about you and your needs so much they will take time to pray for you.

Being in business as a Christian may not mean you only have Christian customers, but some do. You must identify your ideal customer and how you can help them.  Then, and only then, will you be ready to tell them what you have and how you can help them.


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God does not believe in recession

This video is a great conversation about how to view money and business.  It is simple when you put your life in perspective.

Too often we listen to media to tell us if we are in a recession or if things are good or bad. Make your own decision. I heard Zig Ziglar say, “We heard there was a recession and we chose not to participate.”

As a Christian business owner, you have the ability to help people in any economy. Seek God for His wisdom in your buisness and take action when He says.

Look at Joseph in the seven years of famine. He prepared a way to protect everyone under his care including his brothers who sold him into slavery. God was with Him and He is with you too!


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But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. I Peter 3:15

Listen as you read along

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I Peter 3 is very practical.  I gets to the point about doing the right thing no matter what.  Starting in verse 8 we see a list of how to be like-minded.  We should be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.  Another version says to be harmonious, brotherly, kindhearted and humble in spirit. That is quite a list, but Peter does not stop there.

He tells us not to repay evil with evil but to repay it with blessing.  He says we are called to act in such a way even if we are mistreated or insulted our accusers will be put to shame. Then, Peter quotes a portion of Psalm 34.

In Psalm 34, David is running from Saul and pretends to be insane so that he is not captured.  The Psalm starts with praising God and ends with a resolution about trusting God to “rescue His servants.”  Peter uses this Psalm to remind us how to act.  To seek peace, turn from evil and do good.

Back in Peter we are encouraged to not fear threats or be frightened but we are to “revere Christ as Lord.”  Every moment of victory especially when hard times hit start with bowing before the throne of Heaven.

Peter tells us to be prepared to give an answer about our hope and to have such a good conscience that even if people say bad things about us, they may be put to shame.

He reminds us that Christ died on the cross for us.  We are being made alive because of what Christ did on the cross.  We are to align ourselves with the power of God and pledge to follow God with a clear conscience and sincere heart.

As business owners, we will have to deal with suffering, attacks and insults.  In today’s social media, troll-ridden society, we can’t help but run into persecution, especially if we boldly proclaim we are a Christian.

I love verse 13, “Who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good?”  When our motives are pure and our lives, personally and professionally, are lined up with God there are many blessings to be found and reasons to be thankful.

Blessings always outnumber insults.  We can focus on one of the other, but not both.  If you take time in your business to focus on the blessings, you will begin to notice even more blessings.

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. I Peter 3:15