business bible verseThe Bible is full of Bible verses that talk about business.

Proverbs is full of wisdom about life.  If you blink you may not notice the many Bible verses about business.  Solomon was blessed by God with great wisdom and he had a lot to say about being in business.  Let’s look at one of those verses today.

Business Bible Verse

“Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” Proverbs 13:11 NIV

I like to look at different versions of the Bible.  It is a great study habit.  Let’s see the nuances of this verse from different translations:

 “Wealth obtained by fraud dwindles, but the one who gathers by [honest] labor increases [his riches].” Proverbs 13:11 Amplified Bible (AMP)

Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.” Proverbs 13:11 King James Version (KJV)

“Easy come, easy go, but steady diligence pays off.” Proverbs 13:11 The Message (MSG)


What does this Bible verse tell us?

If we compare these verse we can see that the key to business growth is a little at a time.  We would all love to be millionaires by the end of the week, but God wants us to understand that growing in wealth comes by patience.

When we grow, little by little, we learn to handle the new levels of responsibility.  We learn to manage our business and grow with it.  There is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes of business, but it is those moments of chiseling out who we are that makes a difference.

Too often we hear about people getting wealthy in an instant.  However, we don’t see all the work that went before the success.  Every great venture had a beginning and a point of ‘maximum velocity.’  We see the success story, but miss all the day by day hard work.

God wants to bless His people, but He won’t just let them all win the lottery or hand out gold bars.  That would be foolish because many of God’s people would be ruined with that much money.  I know it is a hard pill to swallow, but God will give us what we can handle and that includes money.

The more diligent we are with growing money and the more we learn about how to wisely handle money, the more we will grow our money.  The best way to grow our money is to wisely develop a business that will help others and honor God.

Ask yourself, what am I doing to grow my understanding of money and business growth?

What can we do about it?

First, really answer the question about how you are growing in wisdom, knowledge and understanding about money and business growth.

Once you really dig into the question above, pick one a version this passage and commit it to memory this week.  Repeat it over and over in your head until it becomes part of what you do.


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Grow your faith.

Grow your business.

It can be tough to really trust God.  We must listen to Him and trust what He says.  God wants our obedience even when business decisions do not make sense.

Today, I want to share with you a video from Chip and Joanna Gaines from the show “Fixer Upper.”  In it they share a story about trusting in God with their business.


Listen to their story and ask yourself, “Am I listening for God’s voice in my business?”

God may not want you to shut  something down, but until we learn to listen to Him, we will never really be able to accept all that He has for our business.

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Exodus 31:3 I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills.

Listen as you read along

(running time 2 minutes 11 seconds)

(Right click here and “save as” to download audio MP3 – 2:11)


Let me rephrase the verse slightly, God has filled YOU with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills.

In Exodus 31 we see the story of Bazalel.  God has gifted him as a business owner.  Nowhere else in scripture, that I have found, do we see God personally talking about a specific person called to be a business owner.

The first thing God mentions about Bazalel is that he is filled with the Spirit of God.  Being filled with God should be our first step in being who we are called to be. Before all else, we must know who God is and grow closer to Him daily.

Then, God says that he gave Bazalel wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  Think about how those three words complete the idea of being a business owner.

We must have wisdom to know the right decisions to make.  We must have understanding to figure things out and talk to our workers.  We must have knowledge to know what to do and when to do it.  That alone would put most self-help books on the top of the charts.

Yet, God does not stop there.  God says that he has gifted him with all kinds of skills.  Then, God lists all of the skills Bazalel has.  It is like God sharing his resume.

I love this next section.  God says, “I have given ability to all the skilled workers to make everything I have commanded.”

Think about the impact of this statement.  God specifically gifts people to do what God commands.  He gives gifts to complete His work.  If you are gifted in business, God has given you the skills you need to do everything God has called you to do.

You may need more knowledge to bring your skills to a level that will glorify God, but it is what we are called to do as business owners.  We are called to be wise and know what we need to learn.  We are called to gain knowledge over a lifetime to be the best in what we do.  And we are called to have understanding about how to use those gifts in such a way that God gets glory.

You are skilled in business.  God has called you into business, but it does not stop there.  God gives you opportunities to develop your skills further and to grow in knowing Him.  If you learn to grow close to God, you will grow in your business.

I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills. Exodus 31:3

how to grow your businessHow to use an org chart for business growth

We have been going through a mini-series on setting up or revisiting your org chart for your business.  If you have not read those article, please read them.  It is CRUCIAL that you do the steps in our second article and have a solid list of tasks you complete in your business.  Go read the article on developing an effective org chart to grow your business if you haven’t and come back to this article once you complete the exercise.

Since this is a page for Christian entrepreneurs, I am going to take your word that you did the exercise in our article about setting up an effective org chart.  Now let’s jump into how to use an org chart to grow your business.

If you are a solopreneur, you will have a much easier time doing this process, but it is very important you take this exercise seriously.  If you have multiple staff, it may mean rearranging responsibilities and positions and making decisions based on your new understanding of your business.

Let me be clear.  This process is not an exercise to get rid of staff.  God gave us the people we have working for us.  Our goal is to use them to the potential that God has created each and every one of them.  You may reorganize and reposition, but there is rarely a case where a worker cannot continue to work in a company.  Be creative and if you truly start to grow your business, you can afford to have all your staff and more.


Start with your org chart tasks

In our previous exercise, you should have created a list of all the tasks that you do as a business as well as all the tasks you personally do.  It should include everything from unlocking the door to developing new products and helping customers.

I want you to go to the tasks first, not the positions.  Put a dollar amount on each task.  You can continue to use sticky notes or mind maps, or you can create an excel sheet.  I suggest an excel sheet because you can sort and analyze the data.  If you don’t have Excel on your computer, use Google Drive or other Microsoft Alternatives.  (See our article here.)

For each task, ask how much is the task worth and how much could you pay a worker to accomplish that task?  For instance, answering a phone may be a ten dollar task, but closing a sales lead may be a hundred dollar task.  Depending on your business, the tasks may be widely different amounts.  You should know what value each task brings to your business.

Our goal is to create an understanding of our hourly task responsibilities.  Once you have an understanding of how much each task is worth to your business, you have a plumb line to make some decisions about where to spend your time best and how to delegate better.  Both of those decisions are what lead to business growth.


Assess how much your time is worth

You are the owner of your company working under God’s authority.  As a Christian business owner, you are not above taking out the trash because you know that we are all servants.  However, you need to realize how valuable your time is so you can focus on the things that grow your business and put time into growth activities for your business.

We often get so busy working ‘in’ our business that we forget to work ‘on’ our business.  When we work ‘on’ our business we can focus on growth.  Your time is worth much more as your business grows.  Your time may be worth one hundred, one thousand or one hundred thousand dollars.  You have to see how much value you bring to your business.

Let’s say that you spend two hours checking emails and replying to requests.  You analyzed your time and realize that if you spent those two hours developing new products you could develop a product each month.  That product would bring in four thousand dollars to your business.  That means your time would be worth one hundred dollars an hour.  (For the math people, 2 hours a day, 5 days a week for a month would be 40 hours.  40 hours divided by the income of $4,000 = $100 per hour of value.)*

Now you ask yourself, could I hire someone to weed through my emails and respond to the basic inquiries for less than one hundred dollars an hour?  The answer is an astounding YES!

*This example was for simplicity.  In reality, we want to see how much income those activities produce over a year or over the lifetime value of a customer.  You must start simple and move to the more complex if you want to grow you business.  Doing these kinds of assessments on a yearly basis may be exactly what you need to maximize your business growth.


Knowing how to better utilize my time by hiring different types of workers

There are a lot of options in today’s digital world for how to get worker.  You can hire full-time, part-time, virtual, contract or task-based.  Each of these workers holds value to you and your company and each of them are valuable in their own rights.

The first thing people think about when hiring is full or part-time.  They want a person physically present to do the tasks assigned.  That is a great decision if it works for your company.  Take into consideration where they will office, insurance, and all those other things that comes with hiring a new employee.  Your goal should be to hire new employees who will work for you for the rest of their lives.  You want to take care of them so well, they never want to leave.

If a new employee is not what you need right now, consider a virtual or contract person.  These people work on a specific task or job for a specific amount of money or a specific amount of time.  Since you are contracting them, they will handle all the taxes, insurance and all of those things.  You still want to consider hiring someone who will work for life, but this person will work from a distance.  Make sure you have solid procedures and expectations laid out for each task for each person.


Understanding the term “Virtual worker”

Virtual workers could live around the block from you, in another state from you or around the other side of the country from you.  Virtual just means they do not office in your specific location.  If you hire an accountant to do your books, they are technically a contracted virtual worker.  I don’t want you to get hung up on the word ‘virtual.’

I know some people frown on using workers from outside of their country.  Some people say we take advantage by paying them too cheap.  Others say we are giving away jobs that could be for people in our country.  Either way, let me try to clear this up.  You are hiring a worker so that worker can support their family.  You will pay them a fair price for what they do.  If their cost of living is lower than yours, they may ask for less.  If the task is simple, you may not have to pay as much.

Knowing what to pay for tasks is why we do an hourly cost basis for each task. We hire based on what we are willing to pay for a task to be completed.  We are not trying to find the cheapest worker, we are trying to find a mutually beneficial solution for their gainful employment. We hire a contract or virtual worker to fit your needs and help that person find honorable wages.

I have worked with a lot of different types of workers.  From college student in my city to a single mom in Tennessee all the way to an Asian Man trying to support his growing family.  Each of these people become special to me.  I cared for them, prayed for them and paid them what they were worth.  I treated them both with respect and got nothing but respect back.

My only note of caution is to make sure you understand the culture you are working with.  If it is outside of your country, do some research and understand expectations from business owners.  For instance, some countries have a thirteenth month pay and it is required by their labor law.  More than that, it is expected by those employees and you want to be a good boss to them.

You can use a virtual services to find virtual employees, but be careful about using a virtual employee service.  Many times you may not get the same employee for your tasks.  They are sometimes trained to do specific task, but the worker may not receive what you are paying.  I worked with one company (I won’t name them) and found out their workers only got half what I was paying.  Their owner ran around with Rolexes while their workers barely made a living . . .don’t be like that. God help those people.



When you understand how much your tasks are and how much your time is valued, you can make decisions about hiring and creating new positions.  You can grow you business by focusing on the tasks that bring your business the most money.  Your time is valuable and you want to maximize your results based on how much time you spend.

If you have multiple positions, you may want to look at the tasks given to each employee and the benefits it brings to your company. They may need reorganization or a pay raise.  Assess which positions are bringing in the most revenue and add a position to augment or assist that division based on your task assignments.  For instance, you may hire a project manager specifically for your sales staff.

The key to all of this is to care for your employees and customers enough to grow your business. It will take time to do all of these exercises, but if you don’t do them, you will continue to stay where you are.  Ultimately, you owe your Boss, God, the respect and honor of growing your business.

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org chart to grow your business

Creating an effective org chart will help your business grow

Org charts are helpful to let us see how many things we actually do on a daily and weekly basis.  If you can get your tasks and positions laid out for your business, you will have a blueprint you can use to grow your business.

In our last article we introduced org charts and talked about how to put God in charge of our business.  In our next article we will talk about using the org chart we develop to actually grow our business.  But, first we need a solid org chart.

Even if you have been in business for ten years, doing this wonderful exercise could help you fine tune your business to become a revenue building machine.

If it is just you, write down everything you do.  Do this exercise thoroughly and carefully.

If you have a staff, write down everything they do, then ask them to add anything you may have forgotten.  It may surprise you to find overlaps and lacks in business positions.


Getting started on your org chart

Your first org chart may be tough.  We may not be aware of all the little things we do for our business.  So, for one week I want you to become aware of all the tasks you are doing or your staff is doing.  If you empty your wastebasket at the end of the day, take note of it.  If an employee does that for you, jot it down.

What I suggest:  For one week, keep scratch paper, digital note pad or sticky notes close by your desk.  Every time you do something for your business, take note of it no matter how small it is.  You don’t need to write something down more than once, but make sure you are aware of all the tasks you do: checking email, answering the phone, locking your office, etc.  This simple exercise will be invaluable for you to create an org chart that can help you grow.

Our goal is to create an org chart to help you grow your business.  Think about the inner workings of a car.  There are hundreds of moving pieces.  If your car is not running properly, you need to know what is not working and how to fix it.

Your org chart is a layout of your business motor.  It shows you where everything is and how to get the most out of your engine. When you know the parts, you can make your engine go as fast as you need.


List all the tasks you do for your business

After jotting down some of your tasks for a week, set aside a day to really nail down everything that is done in your business.  I highly suggest using sticky notes at this juncture because each task can go on an individual note.  (You can also use a mind mapping program if you are more techy.  See our article on Xmind.)

Look at all the tasks you wrote down from your last week.  Add to them as you think of things.  For instance, you may have written down “make coffee.”  Well, someone has to order supplies for the coffee, filters, cups, or whatever.  Someone has to pay the water bill.  Someone has to clean the counter.  Let your mind go deep into every aspect of your business.

What I suggest: Take an hour and pick one task at a time.  Think about what all goes into that task just like we talked about for making coffee.  After an hour, take a walk, a drive or do something to get your body moving and your mind relaxed (you may want to bring some sticky notes and a writing utensil with you).  After a 20-25 minute break return to start listing tasks again.  Do this till you have exhausted your list.

Our goal is to list every task so you can get a broad picture of your business.  Every task that you do in your business or someone else does should be listed.  This may be tedious at first, but the good thing is, you only have to do it once.


Group your tasks together into systems and positions

The next step works great if you have been using sticky notes because they can stick together.  Even if it is just you, group tasks that could be done by a single system.  For instance you may create an admin category with things like phone answering, emails, book appointments, etc.  You want to think first of the big categories: admin, sales, marketing, production, finance, human resources, property management, etc.  Find the categories that work best for your business.

After you have the categories and all the tasks in that category together, take each category separately and list any positions you need for that task to be completed most efficiently.  For instance, finance may include a book keeper, a tax accountant and a CPA.

You will put any tasks under the position that would handle that task.  Place your positions under the main category.  These will be the basis of job descriptions when you are ready to hire your staff.  Like I said, you may be a solo-preneur, but you don’t plan to be that way forever.

And, if you have been around for ten or twenty years, you need to revisit your job descriptions using this exercise.  WARNING: Don’t start with job descriptions and work from there, do the exercise how it is laid out in this article.  Starting with what you currently have in place gets you the same results you currently get.  You want to grow your business and sometimes, we need to get back to the basics.

Our goals is to list our business systems and positions to understand how to best grow our business.  We want to start at the bottom and build our org chart up from the bottom up.  Too many people start from the top and what everyone else is doing.  They miss the little things that may be holding up an entire system.

To go back to our car analogy, if you have one screw missing at the bottom of your engine, you have an engine that will quit working.  You want to make sure every piece is in the right place and every hole is plugged so you don’t have further damage to your business engine.


Creating an org chart for your business is well worth your time.   It may take a week or a month, but the results of a business that is primed to grow it invaluable.  The more you can grasp all the little things that you do and your staff does, the more you can use that as a basis for growth.

In our next article, we will begin to take that org chart and lay out a blueprint to grow your business.  Don’t jump ahead.  Create a holistic org chart FIRST.  You must know all the pieces before you can create an engine to get your business moving towards growth.  Growth starts with tasks, develops the people and grows the business.

As Christian entrepreneurs, we realize that God is the Boss of our business.  That does not mean that we are not responsible for all the little things that go into the daily running of our business.  We have many people that we care for and the better we can understand our business from the bottom up, the better we can care for all the people God has placed under our care.

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If you want your business to grow, you need to understand what roles you play. Let’s look at your org chart.

When was the last time you looked at your organizational chart?  Do you even have one?

Many of us get into business and do everything ourselves, so our org chart probably looks like this:


org chart


This is a VERY simplistic view.  There are hundreds of things we do each day that could and should go on our chart, but we will talk about that in another article.

For now let’s keep it simple.  Even if you are a solopreneur, you have an organization chart.  Building a simple organizational model for your business will help you get a grasp how you can grow your business.

If you want to grow, you have to start delegating tasks and responsibilities.  You may hire an accountant to help with your finances.  Maybe you hire a virtual worker to help with answering the phone, weeding through email or setting appointments.  Your org chart may look more like this:




You can see the only difference is you have begun to spread the work out a bit.  If you want to grow, spreading the work . . .a.k.a. delegating . . .is crucial.  Yet, there is one thing we forget to spread out, our leadership.

You are the boss of your business, right?  Well, yes and no.  You are the physical boss of your business and the face that people see, but in reality, God is the boss. God is the owner.  God is in charge.

It is not about just sitting still and waiting on God to do everything, God has skilled you and given you opportunities.  He just want you to rely on Him to make the best decisions.  He wants you to put Him first and understand that the business is His business, always and forever.  You are an “under-shepherd.”

Now your org chart may look more like this:





Being an under-shepherd means that you are taking care of someone else’s flock.  You are caring for people who belong to someone else.  I have seen too many bosses just look at employees as cogs in the wheels of business.

You are more than that and so are they.  When you realize that God is the boss of the business, you realize that everything is under His care, including you.  Yes, you are on the same playing field as your workers in the eyes of God.

The businesses who have grown the most understand that everyone has something to contribute.  From the janitor (is he/she on your org chart?) to the CFO, every person brings value to your business.  And when you trust in God and let Him guide your decision, He will contribute exactly what you need when you need it.

Not much will changed in the day to day running of the business at first, but your attitude will change.  You will start your day off with The Boss with an open conversation about where your business is and where it needs to go.  Prayer becomes your board room to business growth.


In our next article, we till discuss how to set up an organization chart and how you can use that to begin to spread out your business and grow!  After all, we are in business to grow, right?


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If you really want to grow your business, consider joining our membership program.  We have monthly group coaching where you can send in your specific business questions.  We made it affordable for everyone.  If you are tired of running in circles and want to get your business on the right track, join our membership today.

I ran across this video recently and thought it was a great representaion of prayer.

It is a representation of God interacting with a person through prayer using a chat box to show the conversation.  I think it is a brilliant idea.


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I pray that out of his glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being. Ephesians 4:16

Listen as you read along

(running time 2 minutes 12 seconds)

(Right click here and “save as” to download audio MP3 – 2:12)


Today we look at a powerful prayer in Ephesians.  Paul is talking to the church, specifically those who are not Jew.  He starts by talking about the Mystery of Christ.  That mystery is that gentiles, those not Jewish, will be saved through Christ.

Then, he explains how he came to understand his mission for Christ.  He says that “through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” (vs. 12)  Never before had ‘regular’ people been told they were able to have such an intimate relationship with God.

This was one of the most radical ideas of the time.  People never imagined they could talk to God and hear from Him.  In their minds, God only cared about the Jews.  Plus, they thought God only talked to the priests.

Paul clears it up and reminds them that they are members of the same church and “heirs together with Israel.” (vs. 8)  They have the same direct access to God as those who are the most holy of their time.  So do you!

Look at the prayer that Paul shares starting in verse 14.  Paul prays for God’s strength.  He prays that we may understand how great the love of Christ is.  He wants the church, that’s us, to understand that God’s love surpasses knowledge.

When we pray, we think that God is supposed to line up and do what we ask.  The truth is that God does what is best for us for the long term.  God sees the future and knows what is coming next.  He prepares us and uses even the vilest of situations on this earth to bring us to His presence.

As a simple example, you may be frustrated to get a flat tire going to work, only to find out about a huge wreck that you may have been caught in the middle of had you not gotten that flat.

God wants us to have a relationship through prayer with Him.  He wants us to talk to Him and share our lives with Him.  The other side of the coin is to trust in His guidance and know that He is in control not matter what we feel.

As business owners, it is tough to do the right thing all the time, but in reality, that is what God wants from us.  He wants us to live a holy life so that the world may come to know Him through His power working in and through us.

I pray that out of his glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being. Ephesians 4:16

Go and be blessed and be blessing.


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prayer for business image


Pray to get out of a business slump


God, I know that you are in control, but it is tough sometimes.

I am in a tough spot and I am not sure what I need to do.

I am turning to you in obedience waiting to hear from You.


God, show me Your business.  Show me what you want from me today.

If I need to increase marketing, show me where I need to be.

If I need to hire or fire someone, show me the best way to lead.

If I need to take another direction, show me the new path clearly.


God, I am struggling, but I know this is Your business.

I wait on you as my CEO and trust that you will guide me.

Today I will take action on whatever you say.


Lead me.  Guide me. Show me.

I ask all of this in the name of your son Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, Father, Amen.


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Action after your prayer:

  • Take at least hour to sit and listen for God’s guidance in prayer.
  • Open your employee list and pray for each one by name.
  • Open your customer list and pray for each one by name.
  • Open your bank account and pray for your finances.
  • Then, sit still again and jot down anything that pops into your mind and answer these questions:
    • Where is God leading me right now?
    • Where do I think God is leading me next?
    • What one action can I do today that will get me out of this slump?

prayer for business motivation

Prayer for Motivation



God, you are a great and mighty God.

Prepare me to do Your will.

I know that You are in charge of my life and I submit to You in obedience.

Who do you want me to help today?


Give me the energy and wisdom to take action.

Give me the power to lead Your business.

Give me the fervency to help someone today.


I know that I am your child.

You have gifted me in business.

And it is You that has given me this great opportunity.

Thank you for allowing me to be in business.

Let me honor You with my actions today.


I will take an action to grow my business today.

By the power of your Son and the strength of the Holy Spirit,

I pray for your guidance, Father.

Blessed be your Name.



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ACTION for after your prayer:

What is one thing you can do today that will get you closer to your goals?

Make that phone call. Talk to that employee or customer.

Do that one thing you have been putting off that you know will grow your business?

You are a mighty conqueror through Christ.  Overcome your fear and take specific, directed action now.