A Question of Biblical Values

biblical values in businessWhen we talk about business, we talk about mission statements and value statements. Yet, we forget the foundational values of the Christian business owner based on God’s word.

We talked about the action of integrity and the decision of character.  Today, I want to get into the values found in God’s word.

Biblical values are the core beliefs that guide everything we do in life and business as a Christian. . . or at least they should be.

Instead of listing all the values we can find in God’s word let’s look at a good and bad example of using values from God’s word.

Let’s start with the bad.  There was a time, horrible as it was, when people used God’s word to force others into slavery.  They took the Bible out of context to fit what they wanted in this life.  They distorted God’s word to suit their needs.  Honestly, there are some churches that exist today that distort God’s word to make life comfortable for them or miserable for others.  That is not and has never been what God’s word is about!

Now the good.  I could recount hundreds of personal stories and all kinds of business stories I have read about God’s word impacting lives.  I could talk a bunch about Zig Ziglar who built an ’empire’ based on Christian values.  He is famous for saying, ‘You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”  I heard him say he got that right out of God’s word.   He ran his business and his life on the Golden Rule. (Here’s a great interview with Zig about his faith.)

Christian values simply means we are basing our lives on the Bible.  We have a foundation to God’s word that undergirds. . . upholds or braces…our entire life.  We use God’s word as the ‘glasses’ by which we see the world.  They tell us how we worship God, treat people, and interact with the world we live in.

The only way we can live by God’s word is to know what is says.  2 Timothy 2:15 reminds us that we must “correctly handle the word of truth.”

As Christian entrepreneurs, we must understand God’s word foundationally.  We must dig down deep into the solid foundational truth of what God says.  If God does not directly state a fact, we must be cautious to tread where only angels dare walk.

The Bible is not a convenient book.  It is however a book that will shape your life and your business in ways that will stand the test of time.  I think back to Zig Ziglar.  He left this world and what he built still stands and still grows because he based his entire concept of life on God’s word.

How good is your biblical understanding of God’s word?  How much do you really know about what the Bible says about business?  How much time do you spend digging into God’s word to find how He wants you to run your business and live your life?

If you need some help getting started, we have a free membership to help you get a strong foundation to what God says about the Bible.  If you would rather, I have a 10 minute webinar that helps you understand how to understand the Bible better.

Whatever you do, take action.

I urge you, plead you!  Until we dig into God’s word and apply His principles to our business and personal lives, Christians will never be respected as the Children of God we are called to be.  Do something TODAY, Christian!


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spiritual habits for business3 Spiritual Habits for Christian Entrepreneurs

Christian entrepreneurs realize that as they grow their faith, their business will be better.  They will have better products, better employees, better families, etc.  That is not to say everything will be perfect.  It will just get better as they learn to rely on God and His guidance.

As we start to talk about spiritual habits, we could come up with a list of over ten different basic habits.  It could be overwhelming for someone who is just getting their spiritual life in order.  The key is to implement one habit at a time.

For those of us who have been around a while, consider what you are doing in each category to grow spiritually.  I broke down spiritual habits into three core sections.  I do not pretend to have an exhaustive list, I just wanted to give a tangible way to think about your spiritual walk.

Take time to develop a little better spiritually of each month.  It may sound weird to you, but when was the last time you set a goal in your spiritual life?

Let’s dive right in . . .


Prayer Habit

Prayer is more than a few sentences mumbled out as you go to bed.  Prayer is an integral part of your day.  From decisions you need to make at work, to caring for family members, prayer is something that can become a continual habit all day long.

When you make coffee, thank God for providing the earth with coffee.  When an employee is doing well, thank God for that employee.  When something breaks, thank God for that being the only thing that broke and ask Him for guidance on getting it fix.

See how we progressed in that simple paragraph?  We went from self (coffee) to our business and others (employees) to asking for God’s guidance.  Prayer is that simple.

Before we move on, let’s talk quickly about listening.  Prayer is not just talking to God.  It is also hearing from God.  We must be still and silent and really reach out to listen to what God has to say.

We may have a post about listening to God later, but for now think of it like a radio.  We have to tune in to just the right station before we can hear clearly.  Setting spiritual habits I your life is that tuning process.


Learning Habit

The learning habit starts with the Bible.  We can talk about reading the Bible, memorizing scriptures, attending Bible study and all those other things, but I want to make it as simple as possible.  You should be reading God’s word daily, period, end of sentence.

If you are not reading God’s word, how can you expect to hear from Him.  You haven’t tuned your ear to what He has to say.  All of your spiritual learning comes from the Bible.  Sure, there may be a devotional or Bible study that would help, but the Bible should be central.  If your devotion book does not point you to read the Bible, you should get a new devotional book.

That is one of the reasons why I have provided the Faith Membership for free.  In it, we have a Bible study that helps business owners focus on their spiritual life.  We also have a study that goes through the entire Bible in eight sessions.  Either of these are free to use in your office, home or church.  You just have to sign up for the free membership.

Which brings me to the next step in learning, teaching others.  Everyone can teach someone who does not know as much as them.  It does not have to be some organized three-point lesson.  It can simply be a spiritual conversation focused on a specific verse or passage in the Bible. You will learn considerably more when teach someone else.


Community Habit

This one may be the most intensive of all the habits.  I live in America and we have a western mentality that is individual focused.  The Bible is an Eastern book that is focused on community.  Community is how you interact with your neighbors, family, staff and customers. Community is where you spend your time.

Community for Christians usually starts in the church.  It is a place to gather with other believers for worship, prayer and learning.  It is a place to join small groups to grow together and a place to be accountable to fellow believers.

Community is not just the bubble we have at church.  It reaches beyond the church into our home and business life.  It tells us to love, share and care for everyone we meet.  It is not just evangelism we should focus on, it is building relationships and getting to know those people that God put in our path in the church and in the world.



Christian entrepreneurs should grow spiritually no matter what the circumstances.  We must put effort into our spiritual habits and grow closer to God each and every day.   There is no person who can’t find time to pray and read God’s word.  If you don’t have time, something is horribly wrong in your life!

Take some action.  In your calendar write these three categories and one action you will take in each.  For prayer, it may be sitting aside 20-30 minutes each day to be quiet and spend time in prayer.  For learning, it may be committing to read a chapter a day every day.  For community, it may be committing to be a faithful attender at a local church weekly.

If you want more help, here are some great articles about growing spiritually:

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Don’t forget about our Faith Membership.  Take advantage of this totally free offer.  You will have access to 2-minute Bible studies you can download for your phone, a Bible study for Christian business owners and a short Bible study that walks you through the entire Bible so you can understand it better.  All of this is free, you just have to sign up.

NOTE: if you have a friend who is a Christian entrepreneur, why not sign up together and grow as a team?  Just send them a link to this page or share it on social media.


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faith in business


As a Christian entrepreneurs, we don’t just walk blindly into business.  Faith does not mean ‘blind,’ it means much more than that.

Let’s start with the biblical definition of faith: “Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for an assurance about what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1)

Faith starts with confidence and ends with hope in a reality that can’t be seen with the eyes.  You could say faith starts in confidence and ends in vision.

When we start a business, we have confidence because we have done our research and listened to God’s direction; it is intelligent confidence.  Then, we have confidence that we can succeed because we see beyond today. We have a vision for how our business will grow founded in our faith and trust in God.

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Business takes a lot of faith. 

We must have a faith that God placed a purpose in our lives and that purpose is in business.  We must have faith in ourselves and our abilities as God has developed them in our lives.  We must have faith that our business will be a success because God gave us the opportunity to start a business.  All faith is grounded in who God is in our lives.


Faith is grounded in God

Faith that is grounded in God gives us the strength to move forward with our business.   When we start a business we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but we know that God has given us direction today.  We know that God will give us wisdom, knowledge and opportunity as we open our lives and our business to Him.  It is all about laying everything before the King of the Universe and trusting that He will guide you each step of the way.


Faith is bigger than us

To break it down, faith in business is about having a foundation outside of your business.  Your faith must come from something bigger than yourself if you really want to weather the ups and downs in business.  Life is tough and business is not always easy, but if we trust in God and His sovereignty, we know that we will always be on the right path.

I just want this short post to remind you that God is on your side.  He brought you into business and directed your path to be on this page.  God wants you to succeed if you simply rely on Him and open yourself up to His direction.

What is God asking you to do in your business today?