Here is a great reminder that we are called to persevere.  Look at how many times various entrepreneurs have failed before they succeeded.

If you believe that God has called you into business, stick to it and grow your faith AND your business.

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I love to see Christians who succeed and still give all the honor and glory to God.  Listen to these quotes from Christian business owners who have succeeded because they put God first.

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Les Brown was the first Christian motivational speaker I ever heard.  He has simple wisdom and loves to share what he has learned.

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Imagine what happens when the people of God stand up for the people of God and not longer let this world dictate what we should or should not accept!  It is not about being against something, it is about believing in yourself so deeply and trusting God so hardily that you can’t help but share His love with the world.

It starts with believing in God and what God says about you.  Watch this video and let Les remind you that you are meant for something special.  I know this because you are here on this page by divine appointment not by accident.

Be blessed and be a blessing!


I found this video from a Christian fitness trainer named Michelle Myers. She did not let her circumstances stop her from creating this video. Let that be an encouragement to you.

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We all need Christian business motivation and Christian encouragement.  I hope you enjoy these videos I share on this page.

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I’m here if you need me.

Be blessed and be a blessing,
-Rev H.

Get up and Go Try

Christian business motivation is important.  As business owners, we often need reminding that God is for us.  Get up and be who God made you to be is the reminder today.

Our job as Christian business owners is to plant and be obedient, the growth comes from God.  When we rely on Him, it all works out.  We don’t need to be stressed about all we do, we must release and let God do all that He does.

Enjoy this video from Will Edison of Risen Revolution.

Go and be blessed and be a blessing!

Lesson about Value

The point of business is to add value to the world.  As Christian business owners, our value comes not only from the work we do, but the God we serve.

I wanted to share a fun little clip from the Andy Griffith show.  Here we see Opie asking for a raise in his allowance on the condition he doesn’t have to work for it.

I want to put this video into perspective with business.  I have talked to business owners who want to grow their business, but they are not adding value for their customer.  They are not working hard to create a better customer service or adding additional value to their product or service.  They are just asking for more because that is what other people are doing in their business.

My challenge to you: offer more value.

You work hard for your money and so does your customers.  Put more value out into the world and people will be ready to pay you for the value you add to their lives.

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Hope you enjoyed Andy’s simple wisdom and our short business lesson for today.

Be blessed and be a blessing,

-Rev. H.


We live in a fast paced world.  We have images, messages, phone calls and all kinds of things coming at us all the time.  We don’t have enough downtime to process all the things we have to do.

That causes us to be reactive.

When someone leaves a bad review for us, we become reactive.  When someone says something about our faith, we become reactive.  When our employees have an accident, we become reactive.  When our spouse makes a comment, we become reactive.

Reactive is not the way God created us.  God in all of His wisdom created us like Him.  We serve a God who breathed and all of creation came into being.  We serve a creator who gave us the ability to choose better and be wiser in our business.

I want you to look at this word for a moment.  I think it is misspelled.  If we take the “c” and move it over a bit, we now have a different word.  The word is ‘creative.’

God wants you to be creative in the way you deal with the world.  When someone leaves a bad comment, be creative and show them love instead of anger.  When someone says something bad about your faith, don’t’ attack them, take time to understand what they believe.  When an employee has an accident, take time to care for that employee and understand we are all fallen.  When your spouse makes a comment, remember the love you have for your spouse.

Christian business owner, I want you to take this message seriously.  I want you to stop being reactive and be the person you were created to be.  You are a child of a Creator God and He wants you to be creative.

When you are creative instead of reactive, you have a chance to show the love of Christ to a hurting and broken world.

Go and be blessed and be a blessing.

When you are creative instead of reactive, you have a chance to show the love of Christ to a hurting and broken world. Click To Tweet