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How to Live Inspired

As Christian entrepreneurs, we may not always see how we inspire others, but we inspire in everything we do.  There may be a customer who sees our values.  There may be a worker who sees the way we treat others.  There may be a passer-byer who notices a moment of kindness.

“Inspire” comes from two Latin words meaning “to breathe into.”  When we become Christians, God breathes His Spirit into our lives.  We are to take that Spirit into the world and make a difference. We are to breath into the world and live inspired lives.

As Christian entrepreneurs, we are to use the Spirit of God to inspire others.  Take a look at how God wants us to use His Spirit to breathe into our family, community and world (loosely based on Galatians 5:22-23).

  • Breathe into the world love.
  • Breathe into the world joy.
  • Breathe into the world peace.
  • Breathe into the world patience.
  • Breathe into the world kindness.
  • Breathe into the world faithfulness.
  • Breathe into the world discipline.

We can only breathe into the world what God has placed in our lives. God lives in you and you were placed in business to make a difference.  You were placed in your business to inspire and breathe the love of God into the world around you.

As a Christian entrepreneur, you already live an inspired life.  Be intentional, be inspirational and live inspired.


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Christian business purpose notebook picture

Christian business owners are called to do more than exist.

I spent some extra time this weekend really digging in and searching in prayer and thought about Christian Business Revolution. One thing kept hitting me over and over.


We are meant to do more than exist.

As business owners, we do so much more than just exist. To exist is to go through life not contributing anything.  Having a business is not enough.  We are here to impact lives.


We are meant to do more than exist.

We are meant to blossom in the wondrous works that God has done through the ages.  Even more so, we are to be part of the wondrous works that God is doing in the present.


We are meant to do more than exist.

We are meant to be the physical representation of God here on this earth.  We are to embody who God is and we can do so because of His Indwelling Spirit living in us.


We are meant to do more than exist.

Because we are Christians, we are transformed.  We are made new.  We are meant to help those around us be made new again, or for the first time so that heaven may rejoice.


We are meant to do more than exist.

As Christian business owners, we are to make an impact on this world.  We are to live with integrity and show the world the power of a living God.  We are to help people and impact the world for good.


We are meant to do more than exist.

As citizens, aliens, visiting this earth for a short time, we are meat to leave a legacy.  We are meant to impact lives that reaches throughout generations because of God’s power working in us.


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We are meant to be God’s ambassadors showing this broken world that there is a different way, a better way.  We are to be the example and live above the norms of this world.

When we find ourselves doing more than existing we will find ourselves lining up in God’s purpose.  As children of God we are meant to do more than exist.



Here is a great reminder that we are called to persevere.  Look at how many times various entrepreneurs have failed before they succeeded.

If you believe that God has called you into business, stick to it and grow your faith AND your business.

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