Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham.” Luke 19:9

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You may remember this passage from a song in church.  I have heard it quite a few times myself, but I want us to get past the song and into the meat of what really happened in this story.

To summarize, Jesus was coming through town and a tax collector named Zacchaeus wanted to see Him. Zacchaeus was short and could not see over the crowd, so he climbed up a tree to get a good view.

Jesus stopped and looked at him.  He called Zacchaeus by name and told him that He was coming to eat at his house.  Zacchaeus came down and welcomed Jesus.

Let’s break this down.  Zacchaeus was a tax collector.  Tax collectors were known to rip people off to line their own pockets.  They were shrewd businessmen who were considered sinners by profession.

Here we have a business man who was hated in his community.  He wanted to be close to Jesus, but he had some limitations.  He took action to overcome those limitations and got a great view of the Jesus.

Jesus blessed this man by asking to eat with him.  Rarely do teachers, or Rabbi’s, eat with sinners, lest they become unclean.  Everyone muttered.

We don’t know the conversation, but because of the presence of Jesus, Zacchaeus wanted to make his business right.  He wanted to be honorable and offered to pay back any money he had cheated. He paid back four times, which was a customary recompense.

Zacchaeus overcame his limitations and his reputation.  He took action to get as close to Jesus as he could and because of that encounter, he lined his up his business to be in line with Jesus’ teachings.

I don’t know if you have ever thought about Zacchaeus being a business owner.  If we look at it in that context we see a man reaching out to Jesus.  Jesus comes into his house and because of that one encounter his life and his business is changed forever.

How often do you reach out to Jesus and push past your limitations?  Have you allowed Jesus into your house and into your business so deeply that your actions are changed?  If not, call out to Jesus and let Him into your business partner and your house.  Make your business a kingdom business and hear Jesus’ words:

“Today salvation has come to this house.” Luke 19:9a


Christian bloggingThis morning my heat did not come on like I expected it.  I was getting chilly so I went to check the thermostat to find out my batteries were low.  Even though it was plugged into the wall, the air conditioning system still needed to have batteries to keep it working.

We have been talking about blogging, but we forgot to mention the power behind what you do.  We are all plugged into the awe inspiring power of God.  Yet, we have to keep our batteries charged up on a regular basis.

Every system in your business, including your blog, should start with prayer.  Ask God, “How can I use this blog post to honor you?”

The true power of any Christian business comes from God and starts with prayer. Click To Tweet

Prayer is the power behind your business.  Prayer is the power that gives the words you use on your blog the energy to connect to people’s lives.

Remember, your blog can show up as a breath of love in a world that is full of negativity.  You don’t have to preach to show the love of Christ, you just have to show how much you care.

Think about this quick instance, Jesus was walking down the road and told Zacheus to come out of the tree so he can go eat with him.  Jesus did not have to preach to show how much he cared.  No one else would dare talk to this ‘sinner,’ but Jesus stepped out of the norm to care for him. (see Luke 19:1-10)

We should all be willing to step out of the norm to care for those around us.  That is what makes Christians different and what makes Christian businesses great.  It may include going somewhere we don’t usually go, writing a blog to help someone or talking to someone in a tree.

Whatever we do, when we start with prayer, we know we are starting right!
Amen and amen!

how to create a GREAT blog postIn our last article we talked about why it is important for a Christian to create a blog to let their voice be hear(Click here to read that article).  Now I want to give you simple steps to create a great blog post for your page.  We should always do our best to honor God with all we do, so I want to help you get a good start.

One thing I have learned is a regular format, call it a template, make writing your blog much easier and the writing goes much quicker.  If you know what format works for you and your readers, you will have a winning formula that can take you far.

How to write a GREAT blog post

Start with a good headline

Make your headline relevant to your reader and include your key idea.  Don’t try to be too catchy or cute.  Just tell them what the article is about and why they should read it.

Create a compelling first sentence

The first sentence is where people decide if they will read the rest of the article or not.  Use this sentence to engage the reader. Ask a question.  Issue a statement that draws them in.  Use your key idea and expand that idea as it unfolds in your writing.

Have a single focus

I mentioned having a key idea.  Each post you write should have one focus message. Create a single sentence that tells what your entire post is about.  If you can’t get it in one sentence, create a mini series of posts.

Speak to one person

When you write, always have your reader in your mind.  Write as if you are talking to a friend.  The more personable your writing is, the more likely it is to be read and shared.

Make it easily digestible

Break up long paragraphs, use lists, use bullets, and definitely use images.  The more information we can see by glancing through the article, the more likely we are to stay and go through the entire article.

Have a call to action

We write to cause people to take action.  Have a challenge or an action item at the end of your post so that your reader knows what they should be now that they have read your post.  Your call to action should tie directly into your key idea.

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Here’s a basic outline (template) to get you started:

  • Start with an interesting title.
  • Share an image that relates to your key idea.
  • Write your first sentence to make people want to read the rest.
  • Break up your writing into chunks (I suggest three big chunks: idea, problem, solution.)
  • Conclude with a call to action.


Here’s a couple of articles if you want to dig in and learn more about blog templates and outlines:


Christian Entrepreneurs Can Be Heard Online Through Blogs

Christian entrepreneur blogI work with many entrepreneurs as a business coach.  I am amazed at how many people do not see the value of creating a blog on their webpage.

No longer are blogs are simple rambling of some lone person typing words from a basement.  Blogs are an integrated part of many successful businesses and almost all online marketing plans.  You can look at them as a platform for the world to be a better place.

Christians need their voice to be heard. Christian business owners are the leaders that need to be heard the loudest. Click To Tweet

I am tired of seeing all the people ranting about stupid things online.  All the little squeaky voices are being heard, but the only time you hear about Christians is when they mess up.

Isn’t it time that honest, intelligent Christian leaders take responsibility to be heard?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we all need to go out and post our soap box sermons online.  I think we need our professionalism and intelligence to shine with the light of Christ. When we have a message of hope but it is hidden behind judgement and hate, we miss the mark.

(Ok, I will get off my soap box.)

Aside from the fact that your business is more likely to be noticed when you have fresh content (a blog) on your website, it is important to have the Christian worldview online.  We can’t just hide in our Christian bubbles and wait for Christ to come back. We must engage the world, especially if we are in business.  Remember, we are to be ‘in the world and not of the world.’

  • Christian business owners need to blog to show Christians can be intelligent.
  • Christian business owners need to blog to share their wisdom about business.
  • Christian business owners need to blog to show other Christians they are not alone.
  • Christian business owners need to blog to show faith.
  • Christian business owners need to blog to show hope.
  • Christian business owners need to blog to show love.

“. . . and the greatest of these is love.”

blog questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Blogging

“What if I can’t write well?” 

You can only get better by writing.  Just do the best you can and as you grow, so will your writing.

“What if I don’t know what to write?”

Start with your own Frequently Asked Questions and go from there.  Here is a handy blog post that may help.

“What if I don’t know how to create a blog?”

There are literally thousands, of Youtube videos about blog posting.  Take twenty minutes a day and learn what you need.  There are plenty of free blog platforms.  I suggest WordPress.  (We will be doing a training on that in our members area soon. Join now and get a tremendous deal.)

“What if I am not sure people will listen to me?”

Write it anyway.  Just get your voice out there and let God do the work.  If more Christians let their voices be heard, we will see the world can be a better place.


Quick Wrap up:

The Christian voice needs to be heard more online.  We live in a world that readily and willingly promotes sinful ways that hurt society.  When Christians let their voice be heard with love, there will be a revolution that brings people back to Christ and away from sin.

The plan for a blog is simple:

  1. Pray about what to write.

  2. Write it.

  3. Let God use it.

You can figure out the details as you go.

When Christians let their voice be heard with love, there will be a revolution that brings people to Christ. Click To Tweet